Where do I find all of the digital resources available for Thinking Like an Engineer?

The electronic material for Thinking Like an Engineer is contained in three main pages:

For everyone – The author's website [picture] [link] (this page)

  • Book errata
  • Archive of frequently asked questions
  • Blog

For the Instructor – Pearson Higher Education's Thinking Like an Engineer Instructor Resource Center
On the main Pearson Higher Education page for the book [picture] [link], click the Instructor Resource Center (IRC) button and select the Resources tab on the IRC page [picture].

  • Instructor manual
  • Instructor slides and in-class demos
  • Review games
  • Sample exams
  • Solutions – In class activities
  • Solutions – End of section review questions
  • Umbrella projects
  • TestGen testbank file

For the Student (and the Instructor) - Pearson Higher Education's Thinking Like an Engineer page [picture] [link]
Pearson's Thinking Like an Engineer page contains two main areas of interest for the students-- the Pearson eText [picture] and the main listing [picture] of all downloadable files in the book.  Note that the Pearson eText includes embedded links to the ancillary files referenced below:

  • Narrated PowerPoint slides
  • Video screencasts and demonstrations
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint starting files and templates
  • Appendix materials, including starting Excel files