Punctilious Programming Review

Page 572:  Question 5-29

The eutectic line is at 300 degrees Celsius. and the eutectic point occurs when the composition is 50% B.

(Note the period in the middle of this sentence should not be there!)

Page 572:  Question 5-30

<http://www.denislindsell.demon.co.uk/pasture/soils/ http://www.pasture4horses.com/soils/hand-texturing.php>


Page 572:  Question 5-30

In the table, the “No” column for Question 10 should read End, not Restart unless organic.


Page 574:  Question 5-36

In the table, the “I” column for k = 7 should read 5040, not 5020.


Page 575:

In the Note box, add an open square bracket:
… you should get
[1.6 2.3 3.0…